This Agreement shall be applicable to any and all matters related to usage between downloading members (hereinafter called "Users") and the download site operated by MANGA AIRPORT Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as "MANGA AIRPORT").

-Scope and Alteration of this Agreement
The Rules and Regulations published for the Users of MANGA AIRPORT shall supersede this agreement, and Users shall accept this. Additionally, MANGA AIRPORT may alter the Rules and Regulations without obtaining User consent, and Users shall accept this. Alterations shall be published for Users by MANGA AIRPORT as required either online or through other means provided by MANGA AIRPORT.

Users shall be defined as individuals who have applied to use MANGA AIRPORT by following the specified procedures and by agreeing to this Agreement and have thus been accepted as Users by MANGA AIRPORT. However, Users shall be limited to individuals who have reached the age at which purchase by credit card is allowed by law in their country of residence.[There is no age limit in member registration]

-Approval of Users
The user registrations of individuals who apply to use MANGA AIRPORT may not be approved based on the Rules and Regulations of MANGA AIRPORT. Furthermore, MANGA AIRPORT may, even after approval has been granted, withdraw approval without consent from an individual. Additionally, MANGA AIRPORT shall not be obligated to notify Users of the Rules and Regulations.

-Responsibility to manage User IDs and Passwords
Users shall not be permitted to do such things as give away, allow someone else to use, buy and sell, change names, or pledge User IDs (hereafter referred to as "IDs") and passwords provided by MANGA AIRPORT to a third party. Users shall be responsible for management and use of the IDs and passwords given to them according to this Agreement and shall hold MANGA AIRPORT harmless. In addition, Users shall be responsible for their use of MANGA AIRPORT through such IDs and Passwords and shall be responsible for any and all liabilities concerning their use of MANGA AIRPORT.

Users shall bear any and all costs required for devices, any other equipment, and communications for connection to MANGA AIRPORT. In this regard, Users shall conduct the required procedures as their own responsibility and at their own expense.

-Alteration of content and discontinuance of MANGA AIRPORT
MANGA AIRPORT may alter conditions, operational regulations, and content without prior notification to Users, and Users shall accept this. This shall include price changes and partial alterations or abolitions of the content of MANGA AIRPORT, but shall not be limited to these things. MANGA AIRPORT shall be permitted to discontinue operation by notifying the Users thereof at least 2 months prior to the date of discontinuance. Alterations or discontinuance shall be publicized to the Users through means provided by MANGA AIRPORT.

-Temporary suspension of provision of services
MANGA AIRPORT may temporarily suspend provision of services without prior notice to Users if any of the following events should occur:

-Warranty and discontinuance of products
The products that can be purchased at MANGA AIRPORT shall be those that are available at the time of purchase. MANGA AIRPORT does not warrant the entirety, exactness, applicability, or usefulness of the information provided or the registered products.
MANGA AIRPORT shall not be responsible for any damage suffered by Users or any third party that arise from delay, interruption, or provision of services due to any cause.

-Compensation for damages
MANGA AIRPORT shall not be responsible for any damages to Users arising from use and shall have no obligation to pay compensation for any damage. In the case that a User causes damage to a third party, the User shall bear responsibility for resolving the matter on their own and at their own expense, thereby holding MANGA AIRPORT harmless. In the case that a User infringes this Agreement or inflicts damage on MANGA AIRPORT due to unfair or illegal action, MANGA AIRPORT shall be permitted to make a claim to the User for reasonable compensation for damages.

-Definitions of commercial use and secondary use
Commercial use shall refer to use of products purchased through MANGA AIRPORT for commercial purposes only and shall exclude secondary use. An example of this is use of products acquired through MANGA AIRPORT in order to create posters or flyers to advertise a store.
Secondary use shall refer to direct use of products to earn profit. An example of this is resale of products purchased through MANGA AIRPORT and sale of derived products (prints, etc.).

-Use after downloading
Users shall be permitted to use products purchased through MANGA AIRPORT for commercial purposes. However, products that have not received permission from the copyright holder for commercial use are limited to use within the range of personal leisure activities.
Users shall be permitted to use products purchased through MANGA AIRPORT for secondary use by submitting an application for secondary use.
If the case of secondary use, Users shall agree to pay 10% of the profit gained through secondary use to MANGA AIRPORT each month according to the specified payment method beginning from the date profit is obtained.
In the event that a User fails to comply with any of the above mentioned provisions, MANGA AIRPORT shall be permitted to make a claim to the respective User for reasonable compensation for damages according to the laws of Japan.

-Determination of the scope of services provided and spending limits for MANGA AIRPORT
MANGA AIRPORT may set limits on the range of use of MANGA AIRPORT for each User based on management discretion.
Furthermore, MANGA AIRPORT shall also be permitted to set limits on spending for each User.

-MANGA AIRPORT usage fees, etc.
The usage fees for MANGA AIRPORT are displayed on the settlement page for each product (cart) along with the calculation and payment methods.

Payments for this site shall be made in US dollars. However, the currency that a User pays is that of his/her country of residence. Users shall agree to accept that the claimed amounts for products may differ from those on the date of purchase based on fluctuations in the exchange rate.

-Payment of MANGA AIRPORT usage fees, etc.
Payment by Paypal shall only be applicable to payment of usage fees for MANGA AIRPORT.
Each User shall comply with the regulations of Paypal, if any, concerning usage conditions, payment conditions, and limits on spending. If a dispute occurs between a User and Paypal, the User and Paypal shall settle it and MANGA AIRPORT shall have no responsibility.

-Disqualification of Users from membership
In the event of any of the following, MANGA AIRPORT shall be permitted to temporarily suspend or cancel a Users membership without prior notice or claim for action from the User. In this case, MANGA AIRPORT shall not refund any usage fees already received.

-Termination of registration
In the case of cancelation of membership by a User, the User shall submit the designated form to MANGA AIRPORT and pay the total amount owed for purchased products. MANGA AIRPORT shall not refund to the User any of the usage fees already received.

-Governing law
Establishment, validity, performance, and interpretation of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
In the event of a dispute between a User and MANGA AIRPORT requiring legal action, the court having jurisdiction over the address of the headquarters of MANGA AIRPORT shall have exclusive jurisdiction.